When You reach your Everest......

Five IT

About Five IT

If your goal is to finish a 5k, an Ultra Marathon, or even scale Mt. Everest, when you get to the finish line there is always a similar reaction, elation and a HIGH FIVE.

This emotion is the driving force behind Five IT. We are a company passionate about fitness, competition, community and positivity. In these trying times, OUR LOGO embodies the HIGH FIVE we use to support and congratulate each other in our community. Our Logo represents the unequaled feeling of crossing the finish line, achieving your goals, and the rewarding payoff of investing your blood, sweat and tears.

We believe in fostering a positive attitude with everything we do and giving back!
-5% of every dollar made will go to the Charity of the Month.

We are a mom-and-pop brand dedicated to delivering quality, comfortable apparel for whatever you are training for. Because of this quantities and styles may be limited.

Happy training and remember,

When you reach your Everest........Five IT